Let’s fly away

People tend to hate airports. Hate waiting , delays or rushing. Even there are people that would never get on a plane if they had another option. 

 I love airports. Most than planes and the feeling of flying. I love waiting while having a coffee and seeing people moving. Some of them nervous, others excited and others off to work with a serious expression. Thinking that one of them could be in Japan, Hawaii, or Iceland in x time. I love talking to strangers by accident and being surprised about their destination . I love seeing  pilots walking through different gates as a normal day. I love the sound of that female voice that warns you where you have to go to get your plane. I love reading magazines while observing how planes are getting ready. I love boarding cards, the hectic sound of wheels and the immenseness of an airport. I love its silence, when it doesn’t sleep at night and when it wakes up. I love seeing real kisses, hearing goodbyes and feeling those tears. 

Airports are beautiful. 


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